Fees & Charges

In recent times, the reputation of Letting Agents has been tarnished somewhat. And this is hugely disappointing. It’s no secret that there are some greedy agents in existence that will charge their ‘Clients’ extortionate amounts for anything and everything possible. So, how do you avoid these rogue agents? Easy. By knowing exactly what you’ll have to pay BEFORE you sign up with them.

We don’t believe in charging for anything and everything and therefore have only a small list of chargeable services. Below are the costs you could pay if you were to let your property or let a property with Varsity Canterbury


Administration Fee - £0

Yep, that's right. We don't charge an admin fee to reserve most of our properties. There are still some times when you'd be required to pay a fee, so please see below;

Renewal Fee - £125

Payable if you decide to renew your tenancy

Late Payment Fee - £30

If you’re late paying your rent and we have to chase you for it, this charge will become applicable (charge not to exceed one every 7 days).

Call Out Charge - £30

If we need to meet you at the property (i.e. if you’re locked out, extra move in appointments) this charge will be applicable.


To ensure that we maintain our exceptionally high standards, we only collaborate with Landlords' that are like-minded and have the same attitude towards student accommodation as we do.

Varsity Canterbury is a name that’s synonymous with exceptional quality student accommodation. If you’d like your property to become similarly recognised, contact us today to discuss how we can work for you. We offer truly bespoke packages that are designed and tailored specifically to your needs.