Hi, we’re Varsity Canterbury. Home of exceptional quality student accommodation in Canterbury.

We carefully select each and every property that we have on offer. We’ll only ever advertise properties that are high quality, recently renovated or excellent value for money.

We believe that good student accommodation isn’t just about the property itself, but also about your overall experience when renting. Our aim is to provide you with not just a service, but an experience that’ll enhance your University life.

We don’t charge any admin fees and most properties have only a low deposit required

We’re a completely independent, flexible and accredited company that exists solely to make your time at University more enjoyable, memorable and stress-free.

HMO Specialists
Guaranteed Rent
No fees

Absolutely phenomenal! The viewing was great, the staff are exceptionally friendly. And honestly I’m glad I picked Varsity. First time viewing properties and it was amazing. The flat is lovely, the prices are great. Couldn’t ask for anything better. Thanks a bunch!!


Great service all round. Toby and his team really know their stuff and have great customer service. Highly rated!


Very helpful company, have helped us so much and can’t do enough for us. Very professional and all paper work has been spot on. Highly recommended will use for years now.


Great service for the landlord. Always concerned with the tenants perspective. A balance that is not always easy but Varsity usually find the sweet spot !


Extremely happy with Varsity after staying in one of their houses during my second and third year at university. Whenever there was an issue they always responded quickly and sent someone out to fix the problem. They are helpful, trustworthy and professional. Would highly recommend them!