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How Varisty Canterbury Can Take The Worry Out Of Your Utilities And Bill Payments

How Varisty Canterbury Can Take The Worry Out Of Your Utilities And Bill Payments

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2022

If you’re worried about the rising cost of energy bills, you’re not alone.

With the current prices of gas and electricity increasing by 200% over the last 3 months alone (according to OFGEM), the UK is currently in an energy crisis. The price increases are expected to last well into late this year and so it’s a very concerning time for bill payers.

What should we do about our new properties?

The good news is this – if you choose to rent one of our properties with bills included, we can GUARANTEE you, that you will not be affected by the rising cost of utilities. We secure our energy in advance and at a guaranteed rate, which is we you can rest easy knowing that the cost of your all-inclusive rent will not increase if prices do.

Due to the situation in the market at the moment, we believe you should give serious consideration to securing a property with the bills included in your payments.

More About Bills-Included:

As part of your bills-inclusive rent, you are allocated an energy allowance known as a ‘Fair Usage Policy’. This essentially gives you a limit to the amount of energy you can use over the course of your tenancy which is extremely generous and certainly more than sufficient to cover your every-day normal use of gas & electric. Most students will not exceed this allowance.

If, however, you were to use more energy than what has been allowed to you, you will become liable for the additional cost at the end of your tenancy. You would be charged for the over-usage at the suppliers’ current rate of energy, which if prices remain as they are now, could be exceptionally expensive. We want to alert you to this possibility now, so that you can make sure that it doesn’t happen.

We have linked some helpful tips to help you minimise your energy consumption and would urge that you go through this now so that you get in into the habit of doing so before it becomes an issue. The main considerations should be to ensure that you don’t use the heating unnecessarily or leave appliances/lights on when they’re not required.

We are able to help you track your usage and can let you know if you’re close to or likely to exceed your allowance. If you would like help with this, please send us regular (monthly is fine) photos of your gas and electricity meters and we will pass the information onto the suppliers.